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Sitara Eastern Roses

Sitara is a professional instructor, choreographer and performer based in Essex who has been teaching and performing belly dance since 2002. She is also the Artistic Director of the Eastern Roses Dance Troupe.

Born to Hungarian parents Sitara's lifelong passion for dance began at the tender age of seven  with classical ballet, tap and Jazz classes. Her dancing school would perform regularly in theatre shows and it was there that her desire to further her dancing dream first began. Nurturing an interest in continental dance styles she later went on to take up Salsa. It was during a trip to Turkey that Sitara discovered belly dancing and was immediately mesmerised by this mystic ancient art form that was to become a way of life.

Over the years Sitara has studied with many local and UK based & award winning international teachers in the industry including  Ansuya, Sonia Ochoa, Amar Gamal, & Bozenka ( USA Bellydance Superstars) & Aziza.Her biggest inspiration has always been the Belly Dance Superstars. Sitara was approached by Miles Copeland (Business Manager & Music Entrepreneur) in 2004 to audition for the Bellydance Superstars however due to personal commitments she had to decline the offer. 

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Debbie Eastern Roses

Debbie has been performing with the Eastern Roses dance troupe since 2012.

She is an extremely elegant dancer  with an authentic and unique style. Her style reflects her creative and artistic personality and her interest in Goth culture adds a delicious darker element to the troupe. 

She is a strong and flexible dancer with excellent technical skill and control. When Debbie dances she dances from within. She is a mesmerizing performer that is able to transform and embody the character of her dance. 

Debbie is not only an extremely talented dancer - she is also very musical. She has been playing drums for over 20 years and is currently part of a band. The influence of this wonderful skill means that she excels in drum solo or percussive dance pieces and her passion for music can be seen in her performance. 

During her time with the Eastern Roses Debbie  has performed in the Belly Dance Odyssey show at the Towngate Theatre 2011, Belly Dance Odyssey - The Magic Lives On (Civic Theatre Chelmsford, 2015), and Bellydance Through the Looking Glass (Civic Theatre Chelmsford, Nov 2018), and been filmed as an extra for Got to Dance Series 3 and performed at a huge variety of events.  Debbie is a compelling performer with a powerful stage presence - an unforgettable dancer that always delights.

With her creative talents and flair Debbie is also the artistic designer for our show scenery projections and program brochures, and she has also helped to design the Eastern Roses promotional material. 

Kristina Eastern Roses

Kristina is of Maltese & Sicilian origin. She has been dancing as a part of the Eastern Roses Dance Troupe since 2012. She is an emotionally expressive and sensual dancer and has a wealth of dance experience behind her. 
She began her dance training during her school years with tap, ballet, modern and jazz. During this early period she took part in many shows and developed a passion for performing. With a strong foundation Kristina has grown into a polished performer with excellent technique and a powerful stage presence. She dances with confidence and with such beautiful fluidity. With her dark exotic looks and fun loving and friendly personality she is always popular with our audiences. During her time with Eastern Roses she has performed in three of our productions; Bellydance Through the Looking Glass (Civic Theatre Chelmsford, Nov 2018), Belly Dance Odyssey - Quest for the Precious Stone (Towngate Theatre Basildon, April 2011), and Bellydance Odyssey 2 – The Magic Lives on (Civic Theatre Chelmsford, Sept 2015). She has also danced at many private events, performed at several restaurants and has even made TV appearances alongside Sitara as an extra on Sky1’s Got to Dance series 3.

Natalie Eastern Roses

Natalie, our exotic looking dark haired beauty joined the Eastern Roses Dance Troupe in 2012. She is a strong and expressive dancer with a charismatic charm that engages her audiences with her expressive style. 

Natalie began her dance training at the tender age of eight with Ballet and Tap. Her love of dance meant that she quickly progressed onto other dance styles such as Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Street dance and Hip hop. During this early period she was already participating in shows and competitions. As a teenager she specialised in street dance. This variety of dance experience gave her an excellent grounding in stage presence and performance skills. 

A glamorous and sophisticated dancer Natalie excels in both choreography and improvisation but it is in high energy dance routines and dramatic drum solos where her dance skill and technical training really shines through. Natalie is an exciting dancer with a vibrant personality. When she performs she attracts the attention of her audiences with such an enticing allure.

During her time with Eastern Roses she has performed in our production Belly Dance Odyssey 2 at the Civic Theatre 2015, danced at many private events, restaurants and parties. She has also appeared alongside Sitara as an ‘extra’ on Sky1’s Got to Dance Series 3.


Sarah has a wealth of dance experience which stretches from the age of eight when she attended theatre school training in modern, jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. During this time she had her first taste of performing when she danced at several famous London theatres including Theatre Royal, Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall. During later years she joined the Ballroom and Latin Dance society and the Belly dance Society at her university and became a part of the committee organising the first annual belly dance charity showcase. 
Sarah has been dancing with Sitara for four years. She has recently performed alongside Sitara and the Eastern Roses
at the Civic Theatre production Bellydance Through the Looking Glass (Nov 2018), as well as Belly Dance Odyssey 2 – The Magic Lives On in September 2015. She is a natural performer that is gifted with musicality. Sarah is a dedicated and talented dancer that can captivate her audience in moments with her enchanting stage presence. She enjoys both choreography and Improvisation.

Sarah Eastern Roses
Kerri Eastern Roses

Kerri is the most recent member to join the Eastern Roses Dance Troupe in 2017. She  has been taking classes with Sitara since she was 18 years of age and has performed in several  shows with the company. 

She started taking dance classes in Tap, Ballet & Modern at the age of two and progressed on to take several examinations in dance.

Kerri is a dedicated member of the troupe and is commited to progressing her dance skills and ability. She takes regular private lessons with Sitara and is always working hard  to improve her dance  technique. As a result of her commitment Kerri has developed into a graceful and elegant dancer.  She has incredible flexibility and strength and really excels in belly dance floor work. She is always striving to be the best dancer that she possibly can.

Over the last three years Kerri has frequently performed at restaurants, care homes and events alongside Sitara and the Eastern Roses gaining experience and developing her performance skills which has helped to make her the well rounded performer that she is today.

She has a  friendly and outgoing personality which always makes her very popular with our audiences.


Caroline has been dancing with Sitara since 2008.  She began her dance journey when she was at college and was given the opportunity to take dance lessons from Essex Dance Theatre. Dance has been her passion ever since. Caroline has been trained in ballet, jazz, street dance and flamenco. She also has a background in ballroom and Latin dancing which has greatly influenced her dance technique and helped her to develop such wonderful elegance and poise. 

Caroline is a passionate dancer. Her enthusiasm fuels her passion for Belly Dance and she is always striving to expand her dance skills. She has regal and delightful stage presence and she always captivates her audience with her charisma and charm.

Caroline has taken part in three of Sitara's Productions: (‘Bellydance Odyssey - Quest for the Precious Stone’ at the Towngate Theatre in 2011, 'Bellydance Odyssey 2 - The Magic Lives On' at the Civic Theatre in 2015 and most recently 'Bellydance through the Looking Glass' at the Civic Theatre in 2018.

Caroline is also a qualified fitness Instructor. 


Judit originates from Hungary and has been dancing with Sitara for many years. She adores bellydance and was previously a part of the Tahmina Dance Troupe when she lived in Hungary. 

She is extremely dedicated to her dance development and loves to immerse herself in regular practice between her weekly classes. Judit enjoys choreography and enjoys performing with Isis Wings, Fanveils, Veil and Double Veils. 

Judit has taken part in three of Sitara's Productions: ‘Bellydance Odessey - Quest for the Precious Stone’ at the Towngate Theatre in 2011, 'Bellydance Odyssey 2 - The Magic Lives On' at the Civic Theatre in 2015 and most recently 'Bellydance through the Looking Glass'  at the Civic Theatre in 2018.

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